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Each teacher, as they do their sacred work within the School, is accompanied by a large range of enlightened teams.

The Teachers

Our Training Team consists of 6 Graduates of the Divine University: 3 Men and 3 Women. In addition to the wealth of healing and teaching experience that the team brings, each member has been trained and initiated by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, founder of the Divine University.


Rama is the principal teacher of the entire program. The Mens' Team of Kaishaan and Rishaan will contribute to the Live Webinars, Mastery Classes and the Men Only webinars.

Rama is assisted by the Women’s Team of Kaliana, Amamelia and Ocha. They will contribute their love, experience, wisdom and eldership on the monthly live webinars and they will support Rama throughout the training.


Rama will be present on all live webinars and Mastery Classes, and he has transmitted the 11 Foundation Teachings.

Each teacher, as they do their sacred work within the School, is accompanied by a large range of enlightened teams. Each Teacher has been trained and initiated to carry the 7 Core Teachings of the Divine University. They are always supported by the Enlightened Masters, Holy Mother, Divine Father, Angels and Archangels, to open the spiritual portal for you, so that you receive the highest level of Grace, Love and Light for your personal growth and spiritual development.


Meet the Teachers

About the Teachers


Rama Qu’eshaan Raphael 

Divine Father Emissary

It is my privilege and passion to create, Oversoul, and deliver to you the School of the Sacred Masculine, which I have received as a Divine commission from a group of Enlightened Elders from the Higher Realms of Light.

I am a Divine Father Emissary, elder, spiritual warrior, guide and teacher, who carries the lineage and teachings of the Sacred Masculine. As an initiator of Men (and young Men), I bring wisdom teachings for your spiritual warrior journey into the truth, love, strength, compassion, integrity, and power of the masculine path. I am deeply dedicated to the restoration and growth of the Sacred Brotherhood on Earth.

My path in healing in this lifetime began with a powerful initiation in 1969, in a war zone. I have now been serving in the Healing Arts for 50 years, in the roles of osteopath, rebirther, psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, school counsellor, facilitator, speaker and author. In 1987, I received a Divine commission to focus on Men’s work, and soon after, to expand this work with adolescent young Men. I travel nationally and internationally, presenting to Men the ‘Way of the Sacred Man’ teachings, and with my beloved Kaliana Raphael Rose, we journey into the Heart of Creation to activate the Sacred Light of Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, in our ‘Sacred Union’ seminars. I also bring a wealth of experience – and learning – as a husband, lover, father, stepfather, and grandfather, and we extend this into teaching and inspiring those in a family situation, the ways of creating a Holy Temple within the home, as we remember and activate the healer, teacher, Priestess and Priest within us all.

It is a great honour to be a member and Teacher of the family of the Divine University, and an even greater honour to have received the teachings and initiations from my beloved Sister, Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, founder of the University. 

In addition to teaching from my Divine Presence, I also transmit (or channel) teachings from the Ascended Light, Galactic, and Archangelic Realms. These transmissions bring much joy, illumination, wisdom, and peace, to the human experience, and form a substantial component of the teaching technologies of the School of the Sacred Masculine.

I anchor the energies of the Celestial Suns into the Heart of Gaia, often received whilst surfing the waves of Mother Ocean (frequently accompanied by the dolphins), as my service to Gaia (especially her portals and songlines), to Humanity, and to Divine Union.





Keeper of the celestial tablet of inner peace.

Integrative multidimensional alchemy Teacher and Therapist - Galactic doctor

May you be blessed on your way, as the sacred space that passes through me opens up. Early during this incarnation, gifts related to healing and multi-dimensionality where activated in me in service for the collective and each individual who is guided towards me.
I experienced a series of deep personal healings between my childhood and adolescence, even though science knows no cure for them. 

Facing the infinite, I lived an experience where I deeply felt the whole and opened myself widely to the incarnational fabric of my eternal life.

Living through the various initiations I went through, I opened myself progressively to my specific path of service around the transmutation of shadows. 

I was blessed to meet Q’ala around the self-mastery school of divine presence. During my keepership in Bali, in her presence, I opened myself fully and consciously to my path in service for the Divine Masculine through various commissions around the transformation of limiting programs, wounds and shadows issuing from ancient archetypes,misconceptions and confusions about the true nature of the masculine. 

The service that unfolds itself through me, speaks of the alchemical transmutation of shadows on their way to inner peace, and the love inherent to of all the multi- dimensionality of who we are, essentially. Blessed be all beings Blessed be love that unites. Blessed be our divine essence. Blessed be.





​Rishaan El’ijaa Raphael


Keeper of the Ki’s of Divine Truth - Ambassador for the Brotherhood of Light


Blessings to you. I am Rishaan, and I am a seeker of truth. I feel deeply blessed, and honoured, to experience the School of the Sacred Masculine with you.  I am truly excited at the profound opportunities ahead of us to reconnect more deeply to our divinity, while we journey together, uncover and explore the truth of the Sacred Masculine.

Many paths are available for us to walk, and each path holds a gift to open our hearts.  No two paths are the same, and yet all paths lead to the same place.

Over my life, I have walked many paths, each leading me to the next adventure, the next discovery, and the next inner journey of a deeper heart opening and development of consciousness – all rewarding nourishment for the Soul.

I started my conscious spiritual path in the early 2000’s, when life’s mysteries begged for deeper exploration.  At the time, I had just completed an apprenticeship, based solely within the 3D world of mainstream technology, yet had a developing fascination with meditation and consciousness.  By 2003 the fascination grew to the point where I felt something was missing within my life, and intuition pulsed me to explore the Spirit.  In 2004, I left my profession, and enrolled within a Diploma of Energetic and Spiritual Healing, and through the Diploma, I sought to grow in wisdom by grounding myself in the core fundamentals of energetics – chakras, meridians, energy transfer, consciousness and various healing modalities.

In 2006, my path led me to Qala, and the EASE program where I felt an immediate resonance.  In 2007, I completed my first Self-Mastery School with Qala, and received my Keepership.  In 2008, I began practicing as a healer, and offered sessions using the Ki’s of Divine Truth, mixed with multiple healing modalities.  

In 2009, I felt a pulse again to change paths and explore consciousness differently - to find pieces of the puzzle which had evaded me.  I chose to enter a corporate experience, and since 2009, I have held positions managing service and operational delivery for a large technology company.  While on this path I have been deep diving and fine-tuning the spiritual experience of my life, through grounding and practical application of arcane wisdom I’ve uncovered along the way – developing a deeper awareness of the Self.

In 2014, I completed another Self-Mastery School with Qala, and in 2019, I completed the Mentor Program.  The Mentor Program has been a true blessing, and an acceleration of consciousness - a culmination of many years of personal exploration - all leading to one truth – I Am Divine.  

I am here to help you move beyond who you currently think, know, and believe yourself to be.  

I am here to support you to find your own truth, and to walk your own path in life.




Kaliana Raphael Rose

Keeper of the Christ Heart Portals of the Earth and Stars.


I am Kaliana and I am so proud of my beloved Rama, and honour and respect all the experience and wisdom he brings as he creates, Oversouls, and delivers with his Team, this amazing School of the Sacred Masculine.

To of all you beautiful men who have answered this call to embody and share the energy of the Sacred Brotherhood, from my heart to your hearts, I bless, honour and welcome you. 

I am so honoured and excited to be part of the Women’s team, for this School, and together with KaliMah and Amamelia, to embody and transmit the Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine Wisdom Teachings to support your Masculine to connect deeply to the Sacred Feminine within yourself. My joy is to support you to remember who you truly are, to embrace your Divinity, and to acknowledge your unique gifts in support of the mission of Heaven on Earth.

I am honoured to be an Emissary of the Divine Mother, a Medicine Woman, Spiritual Midwife, and Pathway Keeper. Since 1985, I have been blessed to co-create and teach with the Family of Light, bringing through blessings from the Angelic and Christ planes of Love and Light, and the Solar Angels, to anchor the frequency of the 13 rainbow rays of the New Earth. In the weaving of my life as Mother, Grandmother and lover I have also gained and taught practical earth wisdom.

My range of 'Rose of Raphael' vibrational essences, support men, women and children to evolve and grow harmoniously through all stages of life’s initiations, from birth to death. 

This comprehensive body of work on Vibrational Healing was co–created with Archangel Raphael and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Rose. Its purpose is for the activation of soul wisdom and gifts from star lineages for the embodiment of Divine Energies and Christ consciousness through the DNA strands, chakras, endocrine glands, and hormones.

These essences encourage mothers, babies, fathers and siblings to be held in the higher frequencies of Light together, and have supported many families through some of the challenges of embodying and maintaining their true essence through their life experience on the Earth Plane.


I am a Mentor and teacher of the Divine University and Keeper of the Christ Heart Portals of the Earth and Stars. My gift is to bring forth the blessing of the Divine Mothers, and the Christ Heart of Loving Compassion, together with the Magdalene Flame, to transmute any painful memories that your soul may hold so that you can embrace peace and freedom, your true birth right again. All is welcome in the heart of love.

In the Divine University I am honoured to be an Ambassador for the New Children. I love to sing to them, honour them, and the precious gifts that they bring to the Earth.

Together with my beloved, Rama, we are also honoured to be Ambassadors of Shamballa. We bring forth the wisdom teaching of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in union. We are a twin flame couple, together since 1987, and we love to travel the world sharing these teachings to support the inner and outer union through our Sacred Union and Sacred Intimacy seminars.

I have facilitated women’s Healing circles since 1985 and it brings me such joy to support the Sacred Feminine wisdom to blossom within women, as well as within men.

I love singing in the Language of Light the songs that Spirit, the whales and the spiritual guardians of the Land have given me. These songs inspire the remembrance of our Soul’s true nature, to once again be united with the frequency of our own Holy Spirit.

It is such a joy to support others to sing their own unique heart song, remember their own Divinity, experience how loved they are and the precious gifts that they are bringing to the Earth at this time.


Ocha Sheehan


From the Earth to You

Ocha is a messenger for the Mother Earth and her Ancient Ones, Caretakers and Guardians, bringing new messages and light transmissions to assist humanity in the new world. She delivers this through her courses, sacred journeys, Earth ceremony and personal session work.


As a Keeper of the Earth Heart Axis and a special envoy for the Inner Earth Councils of Light she connects others to the Earth’s great energy system that is integral to humanity’s energy system and the anchoring of one’s higher self connection. Her previous background as an environmental ecologist and educator allows her to bridge the spiritual and scientific worlds.


She has learnt that to be fully grounded in your physical body is the key to opening to the light streaming through us from the heavens and to happiness, confidence and beauty. This has been Ocha’s personal challenge and so now, having met that in many ways, she can pass this on to others.  These learnings have revealed the true blessings of being fully present in every moment. It is the challenge and great opportunity of our time to let go of old constructs of self, to heed the call of our heart and to co-create with the Mother Earth so we can fulfil our life purpose here.


Amamelia  Lila’ama Kumara


Keeper of the Crystal Heart of Alcyone – Ambassador of the Divine Feminine

I am beyond delighted, intrigued and honoured to join the School of the Divine Masculine as a Mentor. Especially as I have just completed my 20 years as the Founder, Co-creator and Mentor of the School of the Divine Feminine.


I feel as though I have already lived 4 lifetimes in this life time. Two lifetimes were in academia. One training in science (analytical chemistry, food science and nutrition) through Masters, PhD and Post Doc in the USA and teaching and researching in the area of trace elements for 15 years. I was back then Dr Barbara Ellen Guthrie, BHSc, MHSc, PhD. Then I learned to meditate - smile - and it was the TM Siddhi program that brought about the first big shift in me. I learned the so-called flying sutra of Patanjali where one’s body lifts off the ground thru the power of thought. No going back after that – the great irony of being an academic in a Science Division and knowing that the mind can overcome the so-called Laws of Science.


At first my thinking was I won’t tell lies anymore (presenting things I don’t believe as facts). Then it was I will only speak what I believe is the truth. I am still astonished that my traditional University supported a sabbatical leave at Maharishi International University where I studied Ayurveda and Nutrition. Staying within the Science Division I retrained and became a qualitative researcher and teacher. This gave me a discourse that matched more closely what I cognised inside of me. And through the mysterious ways of the Universe I established a Qualitative Research Centre for indigenous Pacific Island students and researchers – who just kept appearing in my life.


By the time I gave notice at the University on the infamous 9/11, I had alongside my life in academia, spent 10 years with the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, completed a Masters Degree in Esoteric Psychology with the University of the 7 Rays, trained with Lynn Andrews within the shamanic world of the Sisterhood of the Shields and become an ordained Minister. I was indeed a dedicated spiritual researcher.


I can’t leave out becoming a Mother. In 1979 I received the wake-me-up son – my first born. I remember this highly educated woman of the mind throwing her hands up in despair saying – I have read all the books but I still don’t know how to care for my son. Thank god I
found TM. Motherhood was pivotal for me to learn about wholeness and feelings and being present. And integral to this was many years spent in psychotherapy, body work, yoga and meditation to especially heal the wounds of early childhood. The gift of the wounds was that I developed the ability to focus intently and hence thrive in school and academia and alongside that was the sadness, the loss of wholeness and the inability to be fully present. I left academia some 20 years ago and developed the School of the Feminine Divine as a 3- year curriculum leading to a Diploma in Sacred Arts. It was my intention to establish teachings where only a Queen reigned in Heaven. Spirit had other ideas. As it turned out the 1st 18 months were for the Queen in Heaven but then we began to introduce the Ascended Masters. This 2nd year was the year of the Sacred Garden. In the 3 rd year the teachings focussed around Ascended Twin Flames and Creating of Act of Beauty.

A year into the School of the Feminine Divine I met Qala and the Gaia Mystery School. And in 2003 I met Mother Akasha, Queen of our Universe whose teachings come thru the Radiant Rose Academy. More recently as I was completing the School of the Feminine Divine I answered the invitation from Qala to join the Mentor training in the Divine University. My current project is envisioning a new world - a new earth – called the Magdalene Christed Lighthouse for the world and in the lineage of my life’s work also called The Mother Stone.

My profound lessons in this life:

  • From Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: There are no excuses for anything. You either do something or you don’t.

  • From the University of the 7 Rays: There is a Divine plan for my life and for humanity and the earth.

  • From my shamanic training: The importance intent. You can learn/discover anything by setting your intent and going on the journey.

  • From Gaia Mystery School: The Law of Reflection – everything happening outside of me is areflection of what is inside of me.

  • From the Divine University: What non-preference looks like in my life

  • From the Radiant Rose Academy: Giving up the 5 human habits: criticism, condemnation, judgement, blame and gossip

  • From Mother Akasha: I came to understand my life and my destiny as a Pillar of the Divine Mother for the anchoring of the Mothers Presence upon the earth.

  • From Papa Asun: Nothing can come into my life unless it is first a part of my consciousness.

  • From the innate creativity of my own soul:

    • Overnight at age 44 I became a poet.

    • Overnight at age 55 I received over 140 sacred geometries.


After all this study and teaching my approach to life now is simple: the gift I bring is Me. Just me. No masks. No roles. Just show up and be me. I love all things esoteric. I love learning – but now I look within for that. I love play and fun and laugher. I am close to the trees and flowers and elementals. My mission ship is a garden. My hearts gift to life is joy.


I am Amamelia. Ama – Mother. Melia – Flower. Mother of the Flowers or Flower of the Mother. I am here to support you to be you. I have found a deep healing in the simplicity of the sacred teachings - just be you.


I am Amamelia: Grandmother, Kuia, Mother, Sister, Aunty, Shaman, Woman of High Degree, and the innocent child. I believe in you and your sacred destiny and will walk alongside you and support you and your sacred dream.


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