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No matter where you are on your life journey, you will be welcomed and you will find your place within the School

Rama Qu'eshaan Raphael

The School Program

Online components of the School 


  • 6 recordings of the Ancient Father Circle, created by Rama. This set of recordings will be sent immediately upon your registration, to prepare you for the School.

  • 11 recordings of the Foundation Teachings of the School, transmitted by Rama from the Realms of Light.


Topics will include:  

  • Purification of the Heart and the liberation of fear

  • The power of forgiveness, compassion and gratitude

  • The liberation of familial, cultural and religious imprinting

  • The restoration of faith and trust

  • The crystalline Tree of Life

  • The chakras and their relationship to the male endocrine system and DNA

  • The nature of the feminine and masculine pillars

  • The power of sound, mantra, and Light Language

  • The Ancient Father Circle and the lineage of the Brotherhood

  • The balancing of karma and the extraction of life lessons

  • Accessing higher frequencies of Light and super consciousness

  • Sustaining connection with your Higher Selves and Presence

  • Releasing and mastering Soul aspects

  • The Divine nature of surrender for Men

  • The keys of the ascension pathway

  • Practising the virtues and applying the universal laws

  • The hemispheres of the brain in accessing and implementing the Higher Mind

  • Receiving from the Divine Plan for life guidance.




An online Forum, where you will post your growthwork assignments that are embedded in the monthly teaching recordings. These postings will build an expanding body of written work which will grow trust, resonance, empathy, compassion, insight and wisdom. Rama and the Training Team will respond to your postings, and other areas of communication on the Forum, from the depth and wisdom of their experience as healers and teachers.


  • 7 monthly live webinars, transmitted by one Woman and two Men from the Training Team. The content of the webinars will be in tandem with the teachings from monthly recordings, often pertaining to the relevant assignments. There is also space for your questions to be answered. Rama will be present on all webinars, which will be recorded.

  • 9 live webinars, teaching the Codes of the Sacred Masculine.

  • 5 Mastery Classes, in which Rama and one Man from the Training Team will transmit on a topic of their specialty. You will receive recordings of these classes. 
    Topics will include:

    • Intimacy and Divine Relationship

    • Sacred Sexuality

    • Harmonization of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine pillars

    • Sacred breathing

    • Power, manifestation and money

    • Exploring the mastery of the temple of the physical body

    • Exploring the mastery of the flows of the emotional body 

    • Exploring the mastery of the focus of the mental body and Higher Mind

    • The power of sacred geometries and codes



  • Every month you will receive a personal healing session with your Pod leader, (your group leader and guide) who will personally guide you through the entire School

  • A monthly Zoom meeting with your Pod Leader, who will facilitate the meeting with your pod of Men.

  • In addition to delivering teachings, Rama will also be available for individual guidance throughout the School, via the Forum.


Our Retreat, led by Kaliana and Rama, is a powerful, Heart-centered crucible for the culmination of the School. Together we celebrate meeting each other in the physical, after journeying so deeply online. Walking the path of the Sacred Shaman, Rama and Kaliana will guide you on an inspired range of meditations, teaching transmissions from the Realms of Light, activations, initiations and shamanic journeys …. all of which will allow the crystallisation of the online work, as we journey even deeper…. and higher.


APRIL 2023

desert journey

Your Time Commitment

We estimate that your weekly time commitment to the School … and to yourself …. will average approximately 6 hours per week. 

This time will comprise: listening to recordings and reading transcripts, attending live webinars, Mastery Classes, and Pod meetings, receiving your personal healing session, and posting your growthwork and communications on the Forum.

Financial Commitment


The total cost of the online component of the School is:


This fee includes all teachings, sessions, meetings, electronic and printed materials. 


The total cost of the Retreat is:

AUD $5,000

Included on the Retreat are: 
This fee includes all teachings, sessions, meetings, electronic and printed materials. 

Included are all meals, accommodation, transport
and excursions.

(More information regarding the Retreat will be provided closer to the time of the Retreat.)

NOT included in the Retreat fee are your flights into Uluru airport and from Alice Springs airport.

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