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Presented by Rama Qu’eshaan Raphael and the Family of Light, guided by spiritual emissaries from the Ascended, Universal and Archangelic Realms, and assisted by Graduates of the Divine University.

Rama is an Australia-based international teacher with 35 years experience facilitating men’s groups and retreats. He has mentored and initiated numerous men and young men in his professional roles as psychotherapist, relationship counsellor and school counsellor. He brings eldership, compassion and wisdom to his work, which is deeply dedicated to the restoration and expansion of the Sacred Masculine.

We invite you to join the Diamond Light Pod of courageous Men who are deeply committed to our Soul growth, to the illumination of the Heart, and to a deeper alignment with our higher purpose on Earth.

The highest intention of the School is to support the engagement of your Will and your Heart to:


Renewed passion, peace, power and purpose in your life, and your ability to share your gifts with the world


accelerated spiritual growth and profound healing in your emotional, mental and physical bodies, and your sexual energy


true liberty and freedom and a return to your original innocence, as you come to know the truth, the love, the wisdom and the vastness of your Soul


your strength and power to manifest your highest visions for your life, guided by the accuracy of your intuition and the wisdom of your Heart

October 2024 to April 2025


Rama speaks about the School

Online Training

Ben O, Perth

"The course has helped me find my soul's purpose in life. It is absolutely life changing and is the best money I have spent. Thank you once again. Love, blessings and gratitude to you, Kaliana and the team."

AzRael K, Johannesburg

"Irrespective of your biological age, if you are of the Male Gender and are urged, especially from within, to know more about yourself and your Natural Gifts and Capabilities, the School of Masculine will help you discover who you Really are, and what your Life Purpose is, in this Current Incarnation!! Enjoy Your Divine Ride of Self Discovery!!!"

Kevin K, New York

"Wonderful School! I learned so much about myself. The teachers were wonderful and helpful. I was able to share my inner life with the group and I have experienced significant breakthroughs in my life. I recommend the School to any man looking to learn more about the Deep Masculine."


This recording is #6 of the Foundation Teachings created by Rama in March, 2022.

6. FOUNDATION TEACHING no 6 SSM 1.4.22 Rama Raphael
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