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Hello Beautiful Hearts ,

My Pillar is Unity

My Inlighting Master is Sanat Kumara

My highest intention is to bring heaven to earth through opening to receive the heart of the divine union .

At this time i am bringing into balance my divine angelic nature through releasing childhood conditioning that is afecting my masculine/ feminine polarities.

Being part of the galactic federation of light i would like to assist earth by bringing in more encoded light to earth to help all who need to move closer to unity and divinity.

My need right now is to release previous memories from life times of repression and persecution ,to also release aspects of the mind /spirit that prevent speaking freely.

Honouring my birth mother being one of four boys the second oldest , im aware that i wile still in the womb i obsorbed many of her memories .

Blessings of love and light


Solarah antaree

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